Why Great Collaboration with Influencers Matter

Collaboration with influencers is the basis of your campaign’s success. Here, we discuss why it matters.
As consumers, we value other people’s opinions, especially those we trust and admire. We are all guilty of purchasing something when a peer recommends it or when a well-known person who we admire mention it. Our initial reaction will be, “This must be good.”

That’s why influencer marketing works.

It works because it follows the basic principle of word-of-mouth marketing. It helps brands to tap niche audience, build their brand awareness, and increase conversions. And most likely, these influencers are also people who already within your pool of ideal audiences. Collaborating with influencers means tapping your buyer persona. And with their content, you’re bringing in a more targeted audience.

With that, let’s get deeper into what advantages a collaboration with influencers can do.

Advantages of collaborating with influencers 

  1. Attract your target audience

According to a study, one of the goals of businesses why they use influencer marketing is to reach to new audiences. 71% of marketers say the quality of customers & traffic from influencer marketing is better than other sources.

This has to do with the right collaboration with influencers. If you know how to choose the right content creator for your business and have the right elements on how to collaborate with influencers, you will see a massive difference in your metrics. Influencers can stir interest to their followers who genuinely trust their opinions. Collaborating with them means sharing their influence on you, allowing you to attract and target potential consumers.

  1. Build brand awareness

Building brand awareness is one of the major reasons why influencer marketing can be to your advantage. For some, it can be hard to build intensive brand awareness. It requires a lot of effort and money. But with influencer marketing, you have a new platform to build awareness; you simply need to collaborate.

Think this way: if you are a startup, your business is not in the eyes of the public. Most people are not aware of your brand yet. And influencers have existing massive followers. Collaborating with them gives you access to this audience that will lead to better brand awareness.

  1. Influence buying decisions

Influencers are called influencers for nothing. They can indeed influence consumer’s buying decisions. Consumers often look up to influencers or content creators that they trust in what product or service they should avail. You probably have experienced this: you look for reviews of a product or service —from influencers and other consumers themselves—that you are interested to get. And only when you are convinced with the positive feedback that you purchase it.

And this doesn’t only pertain to shopping decisions. According to a Collective Bias study, before going to a store, 60% of consumers have been influenced by a social media post or a blog review, taking into consideration while shopping. That’s how influential it can be.

If you want to see all these advantages in your business, one of the first things you need to think about is how to collaborate with influencers. Your collaboration with influencers will define the success of your marketing campaign. To manifest these advantages, you need to successfully build a relationship with them. With a solid foundation, you will see how influencers will create content for you that will boost your engagement, brand awareness, and conversion rate.

So how do you properly collaborate with influencers? Here are a few key points you need to remember when doing a successful collaboration.

How to collaborate with influencers

  1. Communicate your goals

You should set the tone of your collaboration with influencers from the very beginning—your email pitch. It needs to have a personal touch. And then when collaboration sets on, you need to communicate your goals. Introduce the brand and say what you want to achieve by working with them. By doing this, you’re giving them clarity. Marketing campaigns can be complex and influencers need to know what role they play on your success. So, make sure you are clear with what you want to happen. Be specific as you can be, so they can tailor their content to your needs.

  1. Provide clear instructions and a brand guideline

Another thing you need to be specific about: your instructions. If there’s a golden on how to collaborate with influencers, this is it.

Don’t be vague. Let the influencer know the specifics but not to the point of micro-management. Give them a detailed guideline of how you want the content should be. And with it, provide a brand guideline. That’s how they will understand your brand, how they will put themselves in your shoes to do the marketing for you.

  1. Give them creative freedom

Influencers are creative people. They value the freedom to provide you a quality content—whether it’s a review piece, a video, or an editorial photo. So don’t give too many restrictions. This will ensure that their audience can resonate with the post they are providing for your brand. The more creative they can be will lead to greater engagement.


The basis of how to collaborate with influencers is building a relationship. All relationships must be founded with trust. And influencer collaboration is no different.

Your collaboration with them is the first step to success. And to achieve that, you need to make sure that your working relationship with them runs smoothly. Professional as it is, you deal with influencers with gentleness. Anything that’s rooted with goodness will bear fruit.

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