7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Influencer Marketing

Like it or not, influencer marketing is here to stay.

It is one of the most effective digital marketing trends right now. From a marketer’s point of view, it is all about engagement opportunities and a wider audience reach. It’s because most people see their content as more authentic and relatable. People respond to it because they value an influencer’s taste and opinion. That’s their power. 

But if influencer marketing is not used wisely, it can be an expensive waste.

For some, influencer marketing is just about getting a content creator, like tapping an endorser. But it involves a lot of collaboration that can be a ground for a mistake.

So here, we list down some mistakes you want to avoid for your next influencer marketing campaign:

  1. Lack of plan

Often, brands think that everything rests on the influencer. Think of influencers as just one variable of your formula. Influencer marketing needs careful calculation. Have a solid plan of how you will use one influencer to execute your overall goal—whether it is to get new followers, create brand awareness or improve reputation, have more conversions or get more backlinks.

  1. Poor selection

Don’t just choose an influencer. You need to set standards. And by standards, it shouldn’t be all about numbers. And most of the time, brands pick an influencer simply because it’s within their niche. Even how vital it is, it’s also important that you choose an influencer that speaks your brand—someone that believes in it, goes with your brand values, and has a good reputation.

  1. Raw communication

Influencer marketing is all about collaboration and relationships. If communication is raw between the brand and an influencer, the work is doomed to fail. So make sure you start it right. If you’ll do outreach, make it personal and not templated. Or, find an influencer platform that can help you do the talking.

  1. Assuming the influencer role

Don’t micro-manage your influencer. Paying them doesn’t give you complete power in the equation. Remember, successful collaboration leads to better results. So give them the leverage to be creative to give you a relatable and authentic content. Let them control the content narrative.

  1. The “copy-paste” fail

Have you seen an influencer posting a brand’s direction? “Post this 7PM EST…” Yes, it happens all the time. That’s why building a relationship with them is important. With that, communication is clear. And you won’t be a victim of this.

  1. Focusing only on social media content

When creating an influencer marketing campaign, don’t forget about other content platforms. Yes, social media is an effective platform to do influencer marketing, but don’t limit yourself with it. Utilizing different forms—like blogs and videos—will give you more advantage.

  1. Neglecting online reviews

Did you know that 91% of millennials trust online reviews as much as they trust their family and friends? According to BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2018, that’s how powerful the influence of online reviews and influencer marketing. So on your next influencer marketing campaign, play with the idea of getting authentic reviews. GetReviewed.org is an influencer marketing platform that can help you to connect with blogging influencers and authorities, giving you a chance to play with the power of online reviews.

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