7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Influencer Marketing (Travel and Tourism Industry)

The travel and tourism industry is trending right now, with younger generations seeing it as a necessity for personal and mental growth. Influencer marketing in travel is another reason why it is booming. It’s an evolved tactic of word-of-mouth marketing and social proof that compels more people to jump in and try. Most marketers (89%) say that return on investment from influencer marketing better than other forms of marketing channels.

Here, we give you more reasons why you should invest in influencer marketing strategy to have a better place in the travel and tourism industry:

  1. It creates authenticity.

Today, consumers are smarter; they know if it is purely all about marketing or honest feedback. According to Stackla’s 2017 Consumer Report: Influencers in the Digital Age, 86% of consumers value authenticity. Influencer marketing gives your audience a more authentic feel of your brand. They get to experience your product or services through an influencer’s perception.

2. It’s storytelling, not marketing.

Travelling is all about stories. And influencer marketing in travel brings those stories in real life. The city to city experience or the new destinations, those stories are told by real people who can influence their audience to embark on new adventures. If you offer travel and tourism services like tours and accommodations, influencers retell their experience with you. And people love inspiring stories. And why? Science says human brains demand narrative to create resonance.

3. It is more targeted.

Influencer marketing in the travel and tourism industry is an effective way to reach a more targeted audience. Consumers look at other consumers to educate themselves about a certain product or service. That’s the value of influencer marketing. You’re targeting consumers who have specific interests and needs that your company can solve.

4. It builds loyalty and trust.

Do you know why celebrity endorsement works? Because consumers trust their recommendations. It’s the same with influencer marketing in travel. 

Think this way: being in a foreign place, understandably your potential consumer has doubts and worries. If your potential consumer wants to book your travel services, how can they be sure that they will be alright and safe? Influencer marketing in travel and tourism gives them assurance, knowing that someone has experienced it with satisfaction.

5. It drives conversion.

Because of how targeted it is and how it builds trust, influencer marketing drives more conversions. It generates more emotional resonance hence people are compelled to take action, whether simply visiting your company’s site, inquiring about your service, or even purchasing it.

6. It helps you build a better content strategy.

Think of influencers in travel and tourism as your most powerful content weapon. For marketers, the goal is to engage your audience with new and fresh content ideas. Influencers do all that for your brand: engage with more audiences and create compelling content. It aids your content strategy to reach a wider audience.

7. It promotes brand advocacy.

The most important thing why you need to invest in influencer marketing is because of how it nurtures brand advocacy. Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes; you read a great and honest review from an influential travel blogger. First thing, you will be compelled to check the company’s offerings. And once you experience the satisfaction itself, you advocate it yourself. People believe more in peer-to-peer marketing than hard-sell advertising. 

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