Reviews to Backlinks: White Label Blogger Outreach

For SaaS and e-commerce, a strong SEO strategy is crucial for boosting the company’s visibility and attracting new customers. 

One of the proven tactics for SEO is link building, where high-quality websites reference your brand through backlinks.

There’s just one problem: securing these coveted backlinks can be time-consuming and budget-depleting.

If you’re wondering how to create organic backlinks without breaking the bank, white-label blogger outreach might be the best step forward.

Collaborating with product review bloggers through GetReviewed helps businesses increase their online presence, reaching a wider audience, and potentially boosting traffic and conversions.

Mariia Lvovych, Founder and CEO at GetReviewed

This article dives deep into the world of white-label blogger outreach and how a blogger outreach strategy can amplify your SEO efforts.

What is White Label Blogger Outreach?

White-label blogger outreach is one of the most popular manual outreach link building strategiers where you connect with influential bloggers in your industry and get them to mention your brand or product in a positive light. 

A blogger outreach strategy can take several forms:

  • White-label guest posts: Instead of creating content yourself, a third-party agency writes the content for you. More often than not, the hired team also submits the white-label guest posts to accepting websites. 
  • Product reviews: You send bloggers free products in exchange for an honest review, often resulting in blogger outreach backlinks.
  • Brand mentions: You build relationships and request that they mention your brand organically in their content.

Whichever option you select, backlinks are the likely outcomes. Potentially, these backlinks will boost your company’s authoritativeness and improve your SERP ranking.

Benefits of White Label Blogger Outreach

Enhanced Brand Credibility & Social Proof

Backlinks are the golden standard of social proof among search engines. The more backlinks you have, the more likely you are to rank positively on results pages.

A blogger outreach strategy is the secret on how to create organic backlinks. For instance, in most cases, submitting white-label guest posts to accepting websites assures you of one do-follow backlink to your homepage. 

Your brand can become a household name for search engines once you sum all blogger outreach backlinks up. 

Moreover, positive reviews and mentions from trusted bloggers also act as social proof.  When potential customers see a respected blogger recommending your product, it builds trust and positions your brand more favorably.

Increased Brand Awareness & Targeted Reach

Another advantage of white-label blogger outreach is boosting your brand awareness. 

Bloggers often have dedicated followers interested in their niche. Leveraging blogger outreach allows you to reach a targeted, highly engaged audience more effectively.

Niche similarity is a massive player influencing the effectiveness of blogger outreach. For instance, if you’re an e-commerce company selling coffee pods, you can’t just send your white-label guest posts to a drain cleaning company unless you can establish a clear connection.

A poorly targeted blogger outreach strategy will only hurt your business and the blogger involved.

Content Creation & Expertise

Anyone can write. But not everyone can write a copy that converts.

In the online marketing space, content is the barometer of expertise and authoritativeness. The more engaging your content, the more likely people will take you seriously.

Some third-party agencies offer content creation services as part of their blogger outreach strategy. This ensures high-quality content reaches bloggers, potentially leading to stronger reviews and brand mentions.

Scalability & Time Efficiency

Reaching out to bloggers in-house can be a time-consuming affair, not to mention costly. 

For example, a high-quality 1000-word review article takes about 3-4 hours to write and edit (not including reviewing the product itself). Now, imagine having to create several pieces of content throughout the week. If you’ll carry that load yourself, you might as well become a full-fledged blogger-slash-digital marketer.

While it might take white-label guest posts the same amount of time, you can rest assured that an expert content creator and outreach specialist is doing it for you.

White-label blogger outreach agencies handle the entire process. This enables you to focus more on core business activities while reaping the benefits of high-quality backlinks.

In other words, white-label blogger outreach is a life hack on how to create organic backlinks minus the massive investment.

So, how does it work, exactly?

White Label Blogger Outreach: A Step-by-step Guide

Define Your Goals & Target Audience

Since you’re reading this article, it stands to reason that obtaining backlinks is your objective. But what is your end game? 

Is it brand awareness, do you want a boost in website traffic, or simply an improved SEO ranking? Your goal will tailor the best outreach approach and content structure in your white-label blogger outreach efforts.

Next, identify your target bloggers to reach. It’s important to find bloggers (by extension, their respective audience) who are close to your niche and align with your brand voice. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.

Choose a White-Label Outreach Partner:

  • Not all white-label agencies are equal. 
  • Look for reputable third-party providers specializing in white-label outreach. You may refer to online reviews and testimonials to gauge their experience and success rates.
  • Another thing to consider is their communication and transparency. Do they provide clear communication and progress reports? During your qualification process, ask about their process for blogger selection, content creation, and link placement.
  • Finally, review their offered services. Ensure the agency’s services align with your goals. Do they offer content creation for guest posts, product review coordination, or brand mention outreach? Assess your service provider.
  • GetReviewed is the best one-stop-shop for e-commerce and SaaS aiming to place the spotlight on their products and services. The GetReviewed team qualifies authority bloggers aligned to your niche, so you can maximize the results of your backlinking efforts.

Provide Guidelines & Assets (if applicable)

If possible, give your chosen agency access to your brand style guide, messaging preferences, and any other relevant brand assets like logos or product images. 

You may also provide them with your preferred list of bloggers that you’d like them to target. This is especially important if you want to capture the audience of an authoritative blogger within your industry.

  • Finally, if you have specific content angle ideas you’d like to explore, share them with the agency.
  • At GetReviewed, you have full control over your blogger outreach campaign. The team reviews your order before proceeding with reaching out to the bloggers.
  1. Approval Process & Content Delivery
  • The agency should provide drafts of white-label guest posts or review content for your approval before sending them to bloggers. 
  • Moreover, a clear timeline must be established for project completion and the agency should maintain open communication throughout the process.
  1. Monitor Performance & Track Results

Backlink tracking tools are helpful tools to monitor the backlinks generated from your blogger outreach efforts. This way, you can reach out to the agency in case backlinks have been removed or the backlinks were not qualified with your ideal rel attribute.

  • Track your order and actively communicate with the blogger to ensure your outreach campaign is on the right track. Once finished, you may integrate UTM parameters to your backlink to effectively measure blog performance on Google Search Console.

Get Reviewed with GetReviewed

GetReviewed is a user-friendly platform where SaaS, e-commerce and B2B companies can connect with product review bloggers for their link-building campaigns. With GetReviewed, you can design your campaign, track your order, and communicate with bloggers via a convenient dashboard.If you’re interested in learning more, check out our advertiser’s quick start guide.

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