Google’s December 2021 Product Reviews Update

Google's December Product Reviews Update

With the latest Google’s December 2021 product reviews update, product developers and even marketing agencies get real worried as to what will be the implication. This is the reason, we at, GetReviewed, always make it a point to emphasize quality and unbiased product reviews because regardless of the nature of the update that is announced, honest content is almost never penalized.

What’s the new update all about?

As per the research, it has been seen that the Googles December 2021 product reviews update is mainly targeted towards the affiliate style blog reviews wherein product review bloggers end up praising almost every product because they make affiliate commission and earn from sales via clicks to any of these products. Google has clearly understood this loophole and so they came up with the algorithm to penalize such posts. 

So, what’s the solution?

Those who are wondering the right way out of this deadlock need to understand that bloggers at GetReviewed and even other reliable sites end up actually analyzing the pros and cons of the products and offering accurate and reliable information to the readers. 

If the blog reviews are justified and reliable and they don’t seem to be filled with fake and misleading information, the reviews are not likely to be penalized. All the top bloggers at GetReviewed always make it a point to give a thorough and accurate hands-on review of the products they are talking about. They know that the readers stick to their blog because of the trust factor and blog’s influence and thereby misleading information and fake fact selling can thwart their overall trust and reputation permanently.

The generic reviews 

This latest Google product reviews algorithm update in December 2021 is mainly made to target the flurry of generic product reviews that are present in the content market. It is important to do away with reviews that speak of almost all products in a similar tone with the sole motive of gaining commissions. It can badly confuse and hoodwink the end buyer and blog readers. So, in hindsight, we can safely say that the presence of this update will actually help better blogs and reviews to surface at the top and it will weed out the unwanted ones in the right manner.

The experts are needed

The main underlying message behind the Googles product reviews algorithm update in December 2021 is to ensure that only experts are reviewing the products who can share their expertise on the product, the features, and the use as well. Apart from that, only those who have actually used the product and want to share their hands-on review will be able to give an honest assessment. 

So, Google’s December 2021 product reviews update emphasizes these two categories of reviews, and thereby those who choose to get their products reviewed by the top bloggers at GetReviewed will be able to get the right experts to do the job. 

When an expert blogger is talking about the product, he will be able to actually see the details of what the product is offering, the perks of using it, and the possible pitfalls as well. These reviewers do not merely review the product per se. They make it a point to dissect every detail of the product and find out what seems to work and what doesn’t.

This gives the readers a clear picture of the right things about the product and thereby guides them in an appropriate manner. This acts like a befitting buying guide and so Get Reviewed has been doing great work in ensuring that the reviews won’t be penalized.

Thus, all those who are on the lookout to get their products reviewed so that they could procure a larger customer base and better their sales should only rely on honest reviews by expert bloggers as this will give them the right base. 

Google is in no mood to hoodwink the buyers or the readers and hence it is upon product developers to come up with efficient products that can actually fetch the best of reviews. The right set of features can help the buyers and actually impress them with the utility they have to offer. 

So, now that you are aware of what the new product reviews update and the latest December 2021 algorithm is all about, it is important to ensure that you only approach the top expert bloggers when you are on the lookout for product reviews. Simultaneously, make sure that your product is packed with the right kind of specifications that does justice to the cost you are charging.

GetReviewed is one of the top sites that have some of the product review bloggers who have been reviewing tons of products and services and have a loyal base of readers who diligently follow them. Hence, once can check out the details and approach them to make sure that their reviews will never be attacked by this or any subsequent Google algorithm update. 

Happy reviewing!

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