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best product review sites 2021

The importance of product reviews is unmatched. Your marketing team will tell you exactly how important product reviews are. This is why we have come up with a list of some of the best product review sites that give customers the much-needed base to compare the different products and find out the pros and cons of each.

  1. G2: Business Software and Services Reviews
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When it comes to finding reliable and up-to-date product reviews, look no further than G2. As one of the leading product review sites on the internet, G2 has earned its reputation as a trusted source for businesses and consumers alike. With its comprehensive and unbiased reviews, G2 helps millions of users make informed decisions about software, services, and technology products.

At G2, the review process is thorough and transparent. Reviews are submitted by real users who have hands-on experience with the products they are reviewing, ensuring that the feedback is authentic and reliable. G2’s robust verification process ensures that only genuine reviews are published, eliminating the risk of biased or fake reviews.

2 .Trusted Reviews 

This is one of the best tech product review sites and is mainly for all kinds of latest tech gadgets and even home appliances. Most of the leading experts end up blogging about the latest gadgets that are launched and users can get an in-depth idea of what to expect from the product and is it a worthy buying choice or not?

The detail is crisp, precise, and to the point. Experts’ tips ensure buyers are rarely misguided. They make sure to analyze the product from every angle before reviewing it to offer non-biased detail. 

3. Amazon 

Who here hasn’t heard of one of the most popular product review websites and e-commerce giants Amazon? We have all purchased tons of products from this site and continue to do it today, and the review program of Amazon is known to be one of the best. The bad point is that is the importance of getting product reviews on Amazon that a lot of sellers tend to engage in unfair practices.

Amazon product reviews

However, you will find a very detailed review on the buy page of the product and this dual nature of the site makes it the best product review website. It has the dual advantage of buying the product right away if you are impressed with the reviews.

The underlying idea behind the reviews on Amazon is that people offer a hands-on review after actually buying the product and using it. Amazon makes it a point to constantly keep checks on sponsored, biased and paid reviews and they try to weed out any unwanted sellers and keep their site genuine. 

4. Wirecutter

Yet another popular and one of the best product review-based sites nowadays, this one covers almost all types of appliances and tech and gear for home use as well. The reviews are mostly based on hands-on use, and the reviewers are some of the top journalists and researchers so they are fact proof and reliable and very detailed. The panel of reviewers comprises some of the elite members who are thoroughly proficient in the art of reviewing. 

After studying the review on this site, it will be much easier for buyers to come to the right buying decision as the details will be very well laid out for them. 


When buying electronics products, CNET is also one of the product review platforms to head to if you are on the lookout for going through the reviews to decide which model seems to be an apt choice. There are several feature articles on the site that are packed with tons of helpful information. One is sure to grab a lot of essential details that will turn out to be handy for the sake of understanding what to expect from a particular gadget. It has managed to emerge as one of the top authority product review websites owing to the quality of the content it has. 

This site has all the valuable information that allows people to draw the right conclusion and come to the right buying point. The fact and information contained in the posts allow people to form an opinion in a better way. 

6. Engadget 

Another one of the best USA-based product review sites; this one is the top in-depth reviews of different electronic items and gadgets. One can filter by company or even categories and they will find all the latest gadgets that have been meticulously reviewed to dissect the good and the bad points. 

The reviewers understand the buying angles and the details that buyers look for. Every review does thorough justice to the product and highlights the benefits as well as the obvious disadvantages. 

The site has managed to gain a reputation as one of the top choices among buyers looking to read before making a purchase. 

7. Consumer Reports 

This happens to be one of the oldest publications in this list, and yet this doesn’t by any means infer that the site is less impressive. They have managed to build a very strong platform of trust. It is a non-profit organization run with the sole focus of helping consumers make informed and accurate buying decisions.

If honesty and getting accurate product reviews are your prime concern, this is surely one of the top product review networks to check. However, an important point that we must add here is that if you want to access the site fully, you must pay an annual fee of $30. Mostly, it is worth the money especially if you tend to buy several products as the reviews on these product review sites are genuinely accurate. 

8. PCWorld 

If computer software and hardware is your thing, there is no better place than PCWorld to hunt down the right software reviews. It features details, specifications, reviews, and ratings of a plethora of hardware and software products and will give you the right lead to making an informed and reliable purchase. 

Most people who are into buying computer software make sure to opt for this site because the reviews are so well written that it leaves nothing more to be analyzed. 

9. View Points 

For all those who are on the lookout for different types of household appliances and goods, this is the right product review site to head to. From washing machines to blenders, beauty products, messages, and tons of other household goods, one will find reviews for everything here. This is a great site to get the details about such products and find out the ones that seem to be good enough to choose from. 

The good thing is that most of the reviews here are genuine and can be trusted. Apart from offering tons of user reviews, one can also find a separate section that is dedicated to everyday services; like TV service providers and even credit card companies as well.

So, overall, the utility of these top-rated produce review websites is one of the best and it is a must-visit choice for those who want to buy household products.

10. Get Reviewed 

get reviewed logo. Get reviews from bloggers

GetReviewed.org is one of the best product review sites, wherein you can choose to have your products reviewed by some of the top bloggers and influencers who are registered on the platform. Our platform boasts of some of the best product review bloggers as they get tons of review requests and have popular blogs wherein they can review the products. 

There are influential product review bloggers that have managed to create a massive name for themselves. and now even top high-end brands approach them to get a product review featured on their blog.

The leading blog names include IncredibleThings.com, WomenDailyMagazine.com, TheWowStyle.com, HomeBusinessMag.com, and more. Anyone wanting to have their product reviewed can contact these top bloggers and they end up reviewing the product honestly. This could be huge marketing for the product/firm.

One thing that truly sets this product review site apart from a lot of its competitors is that fetching reviews from top-rated authority bloggers is almost as good as investing in the marketing of the firm. These authority bloggers have managed to carve a niche of their own and their readers stick to whatever they have to say. This is why when they review a product in a positive light, it covers a massive fan base for the product and thereby brands engage in the right marketing campaigns with them. 

11. Test Freaks 

testfreaks reviews

By far, one of the largest product review sites, this one is really huge. No matter what you want to buy, you are likely to find reviews for it on this site. The site has tons of details and information and it is best known to be the house of reviews on almost anything and everything. One will be amazed at the kind of detailed reviews they will find here. 

The reviews on this product review site span both the category as one can find the regular user reviews that are posted after hands-on use and even professional reviews that will dissect the product from every angle and offer the best of details. 

12. Digital Trends 

digital trends product review sites

This one, too is one of the top-rated product review websites for those who are on the lookout to buy different types of electronic products. It isn’t as massive as CNET, yet one cannot discredit its popularity. It has some of the best reviews, and it also comes with great inside information as well.

The site manages to have its own set of loyal readers who have been following the reviews and the details here that helps them make a befitting mark. A site is a great option for those who want to get hold of the latest reviews and then come to the right buying decision.

13. Trust Radius 

trustradius product review sites

This is another excellent product review website packed with endless reviews you can ask for. There are more than 200,000 reviews on this site and it also comes with 100 percent verified users, which means that having products on this site truly helps the sellers and product developers a great deal.

This site has endless user reviews and therefore anyone who wants a hands-on review to know how the user actually felt and the practical utility of the stuff can benefit immensely from the details in the review. 

14. Gizmofast

gizmofast product review sites

The site seems to be loaded with the best of information and is easy to use. It is surely a great and popular choice as far as product review websites are concerned.

15. The Review Wire 

the review wire product review site

This is another popular site mainly for gadgets. The reviewers make it a point to carry out in-depth research to come up with the best of details and in-depth guides and comparisons for the sake of helping buyers make an informed purchase. They make sure to review only the best products so that the readers get to see the finest products. The Review Wire 

This is another popular and one of the best product review websites in 2021 and one of the top choices for giveaways and gift guides too. One will be able to find the best details and the site itself has a lot of exposure to social media. They are well connected and offer a different kind of promotion to those who are looking to have their products reviewed. The reviews are detailed and factual.

These are some of the top product review websites wherein the readers will be able to access in-depth information and this gives the right insight into what kind of products should be purchased and the ones that are likely to be a let downer. So, make sure to explore the details and then pick the right product.

As a product developer, always remember that the importance of reviews can never be undermined. It helps in creating the right buying connection with the end buyers. Choose wisely and make good quality products that are likely to get good reviews. When you do so, your brand will become strong and it is likely to build a reputation of its own as well.

Make sure to head to any of these sites before buying a product so that you don’t have the regret of choosing a bad product. We are sure an informed buying decision will be easier to make.

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