How to Find Influential Bloggers for Marketing Your Business

A lot of websites that we visit online are created by influential bloggers and such websites have thousands of visitors each month. All those visitors are highly targeted audience if you look from marketing point of view. Achieving such highly targeted audience simply with advertisements is quite difficult and often times, expensive on the budget. To effectively get word out about your product or service to the right audience would be to find influential bloggers and connect with them. Of course, it will not be very cheap, but you will be getting a highly coveted audience and perhaps, some social following too.

Influential bloggers are not easy to get hold of. They get advertising requests from hundreds of people on a daily basis and if you want to how to find influential bloggers and get a blog review, you need to approach them in a systematic and planned manner.

It all depends on the type of product or service you intend to publicize. An electronic gadget will be quite easy to market through several channels. There are several influential bloggers in the tech scene that write reviews on a weekly or even daily basis. If you find influential bloggers you can simply ask them to review your product or service by giving them something in return; maybe a lifetime subscription to your service along with a suitable amount of cash if they demand it, or a product for them to keep.

You could also ask them to conduct a sponsored giveaway on their blog, which will obviously be sponsored by you. Such a giveaway would be a mutually beneficial thing because you would be getting brand recognition and perhaps more sale, while the blogger will be increasing his social reach.

For a small business, finding  influential bloggers and getting them to post your content will be an expensive venture, but that will certainly ensure a better ROI most of the time. If you have a cool product to sell, you could even do a giveaway as I mentioned earlier by contacting some influential bloggers in the scene.

One major question stands out on how to find influential bloggers. is a brand new product reviews platform where you can find influential bloggers to review your product.

Blogging is no longer restricted to writing long text reviews with a bunch of photographs sticking here and there. There are video bloggers that have a very wide reach across many countries and if you can afford to attract their attention, you have hit the sweet spot. Influencers like Marques Brownlee, Chris Pirillo, Linus, and others have open options where you may pay a fee to get publicized in their video streams, but that again does not come very cheap if you want them to personally endorse you. In such cases, you will have to start thinking of building long-term relationships with them, which can grow out to be mutually beneficial for both parties.

There are influential mommy bloggers that write on a regular basis about nurturing a child, taking care of his nutrition and health. Most influential mommy bloggers or parenting bloggers can make your life easier if you happen to be marketing child care products, or even products that make a mother’s life easy. This niche is not as saturated as the technology or finance niches, so the chances of you getting noticed by influential mothers are quite higher.

Systematic planning and approach is the key to marketing through bloggers.

How to Find Influential Bloggers

Influencer marketing is an integral part of today’s marketing. Now, it’s gaining more acceptance as a crucial tactic to connect and engage with a new audience. 

Influencer marketing is a necessity

As the digital world evolves, connecting with your potential consumers becomes more difficult. The attention span of the audience becomes shorter. And with more businesses competing for the same audience, getting a new audience becomes harder. 

That’s why influencer marketing is now a necessity. 

The core of influencer marketing is accessibility and personal connections. Influencers with the real-life fan base, who admires and believe in them, have a powerful effect. They are capable of establishing a personal connection and gain trust, extending this on the brands they collaborate with.

It’s an evolved version of traditional celebrity endorsement. But better and more personal.

But how do you find influential bloggers and content creators that can help your brand?

How to find the right bloggers for your brand

  • Define your goals

Before you find the right influential bloggers to collaborate with, you need to set your goals first. When doing your marketing campaign, you need to be aware of the metrics you need to improve. Working with content creators that will review your brand will help you boost your engagement and pull a new audience. According to studies, influencer marketing delivers a higher return on investment than usual digital marketing tactics. 

If these are areas you want to improve, tailor your influencer marketing campaign for better results.

  • Find the right influencer platform

Once you have a clear idea of your goals for your business, the next thing you need to do is find the right platform. This will help you on how to find influential bloggers that are compatible with your brand and goals. Some platforms will ease the whole research and collaboration process of finding the right influencer that will review and promote your brand.

  • Collaborate and create

The important part of working with influencers is easy collaboration. To be able to create engaging content that will attract more audiences, you need to communicate your goals with the influencer. Doing this will lead to a fruitful result.


Communicating your goals and giving them the proper guideline will help the creation. It’s the backbone of a content’s quality. And it will affect the performance of your content—how it will attract potential consumers and getting engagement that will build awareness.

Get Reviewed makes it easy makes the whole process of finding influential bloggers easy. It is made to answer your question: how to find influencer bloggers?

It has a seamless process to help you start your influencer marketing campaign. It’s a platform for creating a campaign and finding bloggers for it. With a feature that can help you specifically find the right industry content creator, you have the solution on how to find influencer bloggers. It gives you credible blogs that can publish reviews and sponsored content. Get Reviewed is a marketplace and collaboration platform, helping brands strategically work with ease.

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