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Limited reach of organic Facebook posts, ad blockers and the almost-ineffectual traditional text links – there are too many obstacles that the digital space poses for marketers. The marketing world is not branded as a hyper digitized world without a reason. What worked for you yesterday is not working today. Marketers, in such a scenario, are required to revisit their old marketing techniques and take a hard look at how they are distributing their content. Notably, if blog reviews are not featuring prominently in your holistic marketing strategies, make sure you’re ready to implement changes – but definitely not without knowing why sponsored posts and product reviews are crucial to web growth.

The Fundamentals of Sponsored Posts: Its “Why” and “How”

With a sponsored post, the blogger receives payment to publish a write-up provided by the sponsor. The blogger may also be paid to write the post for the sponsor– including at least one contextual link. The efficacy of getting online  reviews on products can hardly be undermined today. The immediate perks of collaborating with influential bloggers are hard to let go. As you peruse further, you will find out why the sponsored links have become more popular than traditional text links in the footer or sidebar.

Do Sponsored Posts Really Work?

Some of the most trustworthy brands have collaborated with influential bloggers to reach out to a wider audience. Funjet Vacations, Kraft Foods and Under Armour are just a few brands to be included in the list. Think about the influential blogger’s unique visitors, social followers and subscribers! Working closely with influential bloggers offers you an opportunity to reach out to that section of potential customers which you couldn’t even think of engaging had you only resorted to traditional marketing tactics. Irrespective of whether you’re announcing a new product or a new service opportunity, sponsored posts help you magnify the reach of your content or news.

Marketing Maneuvers Get Way Better with Sponsored Posts: Find Out How

The scope of sponsored posts is huge. The kind of marketing maneuvers it can accommodate stands unrivaled when it comes to traditional advertising. If you want you can even request the blogger to weave the brand message in a manner which doesn’t look promotional. There are many marketers who have failed to comprehend the scope of sponsored posts primarily because of their inability to figure out ways to measure ROI. In order to make the most of this highly effective platform make sure you’re exploring blog comments, social engagement, visibility and social followers as definite ROI vehicles.

Product Reviews: How to Use them for Improved Exposure

Product reviews are always on the savvy shoppers’ check list of resources that they generally turn to before buying from you. How about getting an influential blogger review your product or services in his/her blog? At the fundamental level, genuine product reviews work wonders for brands looking to generate trust, loyalty and engagement in more ways than one. When it comes to the equation between the blogger and his followers – for the former it has taken years to convince the latter that there is no room for promotional overdrive or misplaced praises in his blogs.Brands, with the product reviews, on these blogs try to capitalize on the trust generated by the blogger.

Since the product reviews are not typically restricted to the blogs but are also distributed across various social channels- it becomes easier for you to shore up brand exposure. Request your blogger to provide insightful suggestions to help you work on your products for future improved versions.

Bloggers with a wide outreach will only concentrate on offering genuine reviews. Brands looking to provide quality services/products to users secure the exposure that they want. Users, on the other hand, secure access to quality product ranges from brands they had little knowledge about earlier. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Finding the best bloggers’ and advertisers’ network

Advertisers, in order to zero in on prominent bloggers can find out about platforms like GetReviewed. A brand new blog advertising platform (mentioned on highly esteemed sites like Jeff Bullas Blog, and NicheHacks, Entrepreneur) brings advertisers and bloggers together. By maintaining a duly screened database of credentialed bloggers, Get Reviewed gives an opportunity to advertisers to conduct a streamlined search for blogs where they would like their reviews to be put up. The Get Reviewed team is known to work with laser-like focus on quality rather than on quantity. Only high quality blogs written in the true essence of the product are accepted. Only bloggers with an enviable online presence and blogs with high domain authority are shortlisted. Their work doesn’t really end at devising stringent parameters and conducting the selection process in accordance – but once the blog is published, they take it upon themselves to ensure that all the sponsored posts are duly brought to the subscribers’ notice.


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