Gaining a Mom Blog Sponsored Post or Guest Post

For those of you who have checked out the benefits of gaining a mom blog sponsored post or guest post, it’s truly important to consider the main purpose of creating a business website.  For a vast majority of you, the primary objective of developing a business website is to make it easier for your target audience to identify your business. The process of accomplishing your goals can actually be simplified when your messages get conveyed to all of your target groups more easily.

You may easily check out your web analytics and find out the number of regular visitors to your website.  By doing this, you’ll get a clear idea of how many of your users are actually relating to your website content without investing anything on external marketing. Opting for mom blog sponsored posts is an effective approach towards pulling your website on the very first result page of a search engine.

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Why are the mom blogs sponsored posts so effective?

Moms are known to maintain blogs wherein they share their experiences on a daily basis. Moms constituted blog readers worth over 18.3 million in the year 2010; 66% of them still rely on the word of mouth. Over 80% of online consumers in the US rely on mom bloggers for obtaining suggestions and information on any specific topic. Much of the credibility of mom bloggers has helped them achieve the loyalty of their followers. The fact that the moms empathize with mom bloggers has helped in establishing a bond of trust between them. On the other hand, commercial brands are yet to relate to their audience in such an influential way. Brands can leverage this impact of mommy bloggers on the minds of their readers by allowing these bloggers an opportunity to contribute their experiences.

Getting your product on a mommy blog through a sponsored post

Mommy bloggers were first noticed by a few baby-care marketers online. Today, you have a big content marketing army depicting a force of 4.2 million mom bloggers.  We’ve come a long way since a time when mom bloggers weren’t easily related to consumer brands. Several industry stats reveal mom bloggers to have mentioned consumer brands for over 73 times on a weekly basis. In return, the brands have even started identifying the true worth of mom bloggers with their large networks.

Apart from baby products, mommy bloggers tend to review products belonging to popular categories like that of food, fitness, travel, fashion, entertainment and health. Mom bloggers are known to review products or services at pre-set rates as it happens with other mom blog sponsored posts. Moms share positive reviews on products that they actually believe in. That’s one reason why you don’t experience any hassles while publishing your post with mom bloggers. The strength of this mommy blogging community can be leveraged by your business.

Ways to connect with mommy bloggers or blog influencers

You’re bound to come across too many ways of connecting with mommy bloggers. You may choose to do your own research about picking the right mommy blogging platform by visiting numerous blogging sites till you identify with your relevant audience. But you may find this procedure to be much time-consuming. Alternatively, you may consider signing up with a notable blog advertising platform like

This platform has been developed with an aim to connect popular brands and authority bloggers. The number of mommy bloggers and blog influencers signing up with GetReviewed is growing every day. These mommy bloggers have already earned their recognition by promoting several commercial brands through sponsored posts on mom blogs. A platform like this one can actually help in promoting your product be it a tech or baby product. You can make the most of this platform by communicating your requirements to mommy bloggers based on their strengths and capacities. You’ll end up working with a blogger who renders quality posts within your budget. This way, you’ll be able to utilize the strength of a sponsored review to reach every prospective customer in no time.

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