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If you are looking for a positive change in life, the top most popular lifestyle blogs on the internet would be a handy resource. We have come up with a list of top 20 lifestyle blogs that cover expert insights on everything in life, be it success or career or relationships or family or health or happiness. All the blogs listed here are on top pages of Google and enjoy premium ranking at Alexa.

  1. Life Hack

Owned by Leon Ho, Life Hack boasts 6 Page Rank in Google and its Alexa Rank is 1870. One of the most popular lifestyle blogs over the internet, Life Hack covers posts on celebrating life, parenting concerns, beauty, motivation, personality traits & so on.

  1. Elite Daily

It’s owned by Gerard Adams and carries a grand 4 Page rank in Google and its Alexa Rank is 2200. The blog is bustling with amazing videos and posts on celebrities, their shows, love, how to improve lifestyle for better, business, attitude and parenting.

  1. Thought Catalog

With Chris Lavergne as the owner, this blog commands 2,826 rank in Alexa and its Google page rank is 6. You are getting a great blog here with posts enriched in expert insights on love, relationship, life struggles, life lessons etc.

  1. MindBodyGreen

This is holistic blog about everything in life, be it food, habits, beauty, health, fitness, career,healing, meditation and what not. There are even video courses. MindBodyGreen is a great effort by Jason Wachob. It comes in the 5th page of Google and its Alexa rank is 3,795.

  1. Greatist

Owned by Derek Flanzraic, Greatist commands a page rank of 6 and its Alexa rank is 4,546. The blog is all about making life “a bit more awesome” with interesting never-heard-before facts, tips and even videos on life, food, healthy eating, fitness, dating, life lessons and so much more.

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  1. The Art of Manliness

Brett McKay has done an amazing job with this vintage-style blog which offers thoughtful and pragmatic insights for men and their lifestyle. There are tips on parenting, health, everyday chores, men fashion as well as best books for men. It’s page rank is 6 and Alexa rank is 5,686.

  1. Brain Pickings

Owned by Maria Popova, Brain Pickings is one of the most frequented blogs given its heart-teaching topics and well-researched wonderfully penned posts. You will find insightful discussions on love, emotion, feelings and life, mostly based on explanations & theories by great philosophers, authors and other creative geniuses.

  1. Four Hour Work Week

Owned by bestseller author Tim Ferris, this blog has come up with amazing podcasts on success, happiness, meditation, career, how to bring positivity in life etc. There are even sections for books and TV shows. It’s page rank is 5 and Alexa rank is 8650.

  1. I Will Teach You To be Rich

A pragmatic endeavor by NY Times best-selling author Ramit Sethi, This blog is for everybody aspiring to lead the majestic life of millionaires and billionaires. You are getting tried & tested tips on career, productivity, good habits, anti-laziness and more from a super successful self-made person.

  1. Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark’s Daily Apple by former athlete Mark Sisson teaches how to be at the best of your health just like the young sexagenarian through his health and wellness guide Primal Blueprint. There are videos and articles on healthy eating, unhealthy food to avoid and so on.

  1. Zen Habits

Zen Habits is a highly frequented blog by Leo Babauta who offers insightful lessons on improving life through healthy habits, great fitness, taking proper care of finances and so on. The posts derive lessons experienced by Babauta himself as he started introduced several small positive changes in his everyday life.

  1. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is all about simplifying life with great wisdom tips on almost everything including love, happiness, relationships, healthy habits, meaning in life, stress, work fulfillment and many more. It’s owned by Lori Deschene. The blog’s Alexa rank is 17,675 and it ranks in the 5th page of Google.

  1. Mark Manson

Launched by author, entrepreneur & blogger Mark Manson, this blog is bustling with personal developmental advice by Mark on most important aspects of life- such as happiness, self-knowledge, habits and relationships. Marks advice has changed the life of many for mood and you can be the next person on the line.

  1. Good Men Project

Founded by Lisa Hickey, this blog is exclusively dedicated for men and has some great piece of advice on anything in life- be it about being a great dad or a brilliant boyfriend, a fantastic husband and so on. There are posts on social justice, fiction, health, ethics, sexuality etc.

  1. Darren Hardy

Founded by success mentor Darren Hardy, this blog commands a 20,218 rank in Alexa and appears on the 4th page of Google. The blog offers advice of small consistent improvements by Hardy himself that will take you right to success.

  1. Bullet Proof Exec

This blog is a great endeavor by author Dave Asprey whose book “The Bulletproof Diet” is followed by millions. Asprey’s blog extends interesting tips on how to improve both mental and physical fitness and take charge of life with élan.

  1. Addicted 2 Success

An amazing blog by Joel Brown, Addicted 2 Success teaches you about the road to success through expert and motivational tips, podcasts and videos. There are even collections of inspiring quotes by some of the most successful people ever like Walt Disney, Zig Ziglar etc.

  1. Michael Hyatt’s Intentional Leadership

Founded by bestselling author and entrepreneur Michael Hyatt, this blog is all about how to win at your workplace and succeed in life. There are great posts on productivity, personal development, influence and leadership.

  1. Nerd Fitness

For all those struggling hard to get fit, Nerd Fitness by Steve Kamb offers a positive route. You will find some of the best posts on workout, healthy diet, yoga and so on that can take you to a healthier and fitter route.

  1. Marie Forleo

Multipassionate entrepreneur Marie Forleo is a great mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs today and through this blog she shares her valuable insights on -money, success, marketing & smart customer handling, intelligent strategies, and positive thinking.

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