How to Get Your Book Reviewed by Bloggers

Have you come up with your own book lately and looking forward to share your literary masterpiece with the world? That’s simply amazing and you should be serious with your book marketing endeavors. One of the smartest strategies here is to get your book reviewed by book bloggers. The book bloggers are followed by a heavy traffic of book
lovers and your book’s review on these blogs would assure dandy exposure for your creation. It would do much to create awareness about your book online which would duly inspire attention towards your masterpiece. A large share of folks who follow the book blogging sites, seriously consider the reviews posted by the blog and book sales today are defined by these online reviews to some extent. The post below offers you some tips to get book reviews by the bloggers.

Find the Right Bloggers and Blogging Sites

There are several book blogs over the internet but not all can assure great marketing results for you. You have to get your book reviewed by bloggers who are actually interested in your genre and whose sites experience great traffic. It won’t help much in having your book reviewed by a blogger who cannot offer you quality exposure through his audience.


Search online for blogs that cater to your genre. Remember, to review your book, the blogger would have to invest a substantial amount of time in reading it and if he or she is not interested in your genre- your request won’t be that heartening for the blogger and in this case you can search for blogs that offer sponsored blog posts. Most of the blogs carry blogrolls that enlist links to the other pertinent blogs. This, way, you can easily a make a list of blogs to approach to. You should also check out the Alexa rank and Google page rank of the blogs to gauge their popularity.


Study the Review Policy

This is another important point to consider when you are planning to get book reviews by the bloggers. You must make sure to study review policy of each of the blogs in your list before you approach the bloggers. You should only approach the blogger if the policy fits your situation. Do not ever approach a blogger if his policies do not match with your conditions.

Study the Blogs Properly & Follow

You should take time out to study the compatible blogs thoroughly before sending your letter to the bloggers. Go through the earlier works on the blog, note down the positive points from the bloggers’ reviews & you should definitely follow the blogs.

Draft a Personalized Letter

Yes, it’s true that you have to send requests to a line of bloggers but no generic letter would do here. If you have to get your book reviewed seriously, then, you must approach through a personalized letter. The personalized letter does not mean that you would just have the name changed with every letter- rather each of your letters must appear as if it is drafted specially for that particular blogger & his blog. Your letter must include your feelings about each of the blog so that the blogger understands that you are genuinely interested in his portal. If you can show him that you care about his creations, he would readily accept your request to review your piece as well.

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