Boosting Your Business Growth With Sponsored Reviews

As soon as an individual starts a business he has to worry about its growth. The starting days of a business are the scariest for any business owner because you have already invested the huge savings of your life, taken bank loans and recruited people who will now depend on your business for their income. In order to return the bank loans, pay the employees and grow business further you need to make strategies. In the past it was quite difficult to make people talk about your business and since there was no internet your marketing had a very limited scope.

With the internet you always have a way to access international market. Furthermore, internet provides you with analytical statistics that greatly help you in realizing the hottest markets for your business and most potential customers of your products and services. Search engine optimization, content marketing, pay per click marketing, blogging, social media marketing, banner ads etc. are many different ways of marketing on the internet. The latest and most effective method however is the sponsored reviews. You pick a platform or a reviewer and let them review your products, services or business as a whole. The big benefits of this practice are as under:

The Intrinsic Benefit Of A Review

Reviews have proved to be greatly profitable for businesses intrinsically. Who reviews or what platform your product has been reviewed on comes later. The more important thing is to have a review in the first place. Recent statistics and studies have proved that most consumers now like to read online reviews before making their purchasing decisions. Not only do they prefer to read reviews but the studies also show that most people who read these reviews end up buying those things whose reviews they have checked online. The percentage of people who read online reviews and then purchase the same product they checked is 93%.

People Trust Reviewing Websites

When your business has just started there is no reason for people to trust you or your products. They don’t know you and it is time that they see some companies they already trust endorse your business and products. Many of the biggest reviewing websites such as Yelp are blindly trusted by people. If a website like this says a product is good then there is a huge chance that people would start buying that product. In short, before you build your trust you can take advantage of the websites that have already built their trust in the online world.

Benefitting From Reviewers’ Traffic

City Search, Google Reviews, Yahoo Listings, Yelp etc. are the websites that people love to visit when they want reviews of businesses and products. In addition to that, the online retail stores also provide a special place to reviews from customers on their websites. Place your products on those websites and keep a close watch on the reviews. The good thing about getting reviewed on these websites is that you get to take advantage of the traffic of these websites. These websites are already having thousands of visitors on a daily basis and getting seen by these thousands of people on a daily basis can really be a big benefit for you.

You Are Visible All Around

Gone are the days when reviews were only in the form of text on the websites. Today’s reviewers are more advanced with their high-tech cameras and great editing skills. When you get a sponsored review done by them they not only review your product on their blog but also get a video uploaded on Youtube. Youtube is the place where literally millions of people are online at any given moment. Furthermore, products like smartphones, laptops, tablets and any other electronic items are best reviewed in the form of videos. When people see these products in videos they are even more ready to buy them. These reviewers then share their reviews on their social networks and eventually your business gets huge exposure on social media.

Sponsored Reviews Can Be Quite Affordable

While other methods of marketing on the internet such as PPC are quite expensive, sponsored reviews can be quite cheap. Many famous online reviewers will review your products, business and services in exchange of a free product. For example, Samsung, iPhone, LG and other smartphone manufacturers give a free review edition of their smartphones to the reviewers. They don’t have to spend a lot on such reviews. All they have to do is give one of their latest smartphones or the product to be reviewed to the reviewer and the job is done.

Perfect For Local Marketing

When you want your products reviewed it is best that you look for blogs that are for your local region. Reviewing blogs can have a great impact on your sales and revenue if you approach with a local strategy. Of course, international businesses have a huge outreach so they don’t have to worry much about local listings and reviews but for small businesses it matters a lot. You can include the link to your reviewed page on your online social networking profiles. Remember that some online social networking platforms are more suitable for businesses. LinkedIn is the perfect place for businesses and Google+ too is a great place where you would like to be reviewed.

It has now become crucially important for small businesses to get online exposure through honest reviews. Hundreds of businesses start their websites on the internet everyday but only a handful of them get any success. If you look into the studies and statistics you will realize that most of the failed businesses fail because of their bad online marketing strategies. Some business owners believe that starting an online websites is enough to get online exposure but that’s not true. Furthermore, pay per click campaigns, email marketing and similar marketing methods come later when you have some money to spend. The best way to get exposure without breaking the bank is to refer to the online reviewers and become visible to a potential traffic.

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