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Getreviewed.org aims at tapping the immense potential of the blogosphere when it comes to propelling the marketing efforts of brands. Here, our registered bloggers get a chance to earn substantial cash by offering genuine reviews of the products and services of our advertisers. However, merely signing up with GetReviewed as bloggers will not really help. In order to ensure that your potential advertisers hire you, you must be prepared to acquaint yourself with the basic tips which will help you make money blogging with us.

Before delving into the tips of earning money by blogging at GetReviewed, please be duly informed about the fact that blogs must have sufficient traffic and authority and be self-hosted only, in order to be approved at GetReviewed. No blog networks or free communities will be accepted here.

Tips to earn money by blogging

Make sure you are following our quality guidelines

To start with, we have clearly mentioned that blogs need to have DA of min 30 in order to be registered with us. The Alexa rank should be below 1000K. Please make sure that you clearly describe what kind of blog posts you offer, what kind of links you accept and the specific turnaround time within which you will be completing the blog. This is an important part of our quality guidelines since it helps us eliminate waste of time. We would definitely not want our advertisers to go through the trouble of visiting separate blogs in order to gauge whether their links would be accepted there or not.

The appearance of your blog matters

If you are looking to earn money blogging, you should first try and identify whether the appearance of your blog has the potential to lure clients to your site or not. It is true that an impressive layout alone cannot guarantee success for your blogs, but it is important to create the best first impression. So before thinking too much about how to earn money blogging, make sure you are taking all the right steps to invite advertisers to your blog

  • Aim for a clutter-free appearance—no need for too many “bells and whistles”
  • Make sure that your blog is well-categorized
  • The readers should be able to navigate it easily
  • Most importantly, it should load quickly
  • A soothing color would help

Now comes the content part

As already indicated above, you cannot really expect to make money blogging without paying due attention to the content part. If you are adept at managing a PR 3 or 4 blog, you must be aware of the efforts taken by bloggers to achieve that kind of ranking. It is very important to strike the right balance between personalization and professionalism in your posts. Without the touch of personal element, you cannot really expect the audience to relate to your posts, while a few advertisers would still prefer to see their links in blogs presented professionally (but not completely sans the personal touch)

How updated is your blog?

Make sure you are writing at least 2 to 3 well-researched posts every week and updating your blog. You cannot really make money blogging without that kind of unflagging dedication. Updating your blog with one or two posts in a month or so will not help—no matter how well-researched, relevant and “geared towards popular tastes” they are.

Advertise yourself well at Getreviewed

Besides offering a proper description of your blog, make sure you are throwing sufficient light on the kind of vast readership you have, showing links to your best paid posts and demonstrating your writing skills if necessary.

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