Buy Blog Posts and Sponsored Reviews at is one of the dynamic advertising networks aimed at helping advertisers announce their products, websites or services by collaborating with influential bloggers. The platform brings to advertisers, a wide array of blogs with domain authority (DA) 30+ and Alexa below 1 million so that they can build links and buzz around their products. However, you cannot exactly expect success by merely signing up with us. There might as well be hundreds of bloggers registered with us that are waiting to work with you. Nevertheless, you have to be careful about who you would want to work with—who do you want to get sponsored reviews from? You cannot choose bloggers randomly and buy blog posts from them. So, how exactly can you look forward to building buzz around your brand by using Today, we will be throwing light on the same.

Understand what getreviewed is all about: How can sponsored reviews help you? is a platform which connects bloggers (with the aforementioned credentials) and advertisers. Advertisers can secure sponsored reviews of their products or services from influential bloggers or get their links published in their blogs in exchange for money. The opportunity to feature (in the form of links) in an influential blog promises more interest created around your offering. The sponsored blog posts are a popular way of grabbing eyeballs since you are paying the blogger to write about your brand in his “own” voice. He can render a very unique touch to the entire content so as to ensure that readers are interested in your product or service. However, please go through our guidelines thoroughly before registering with us as advertiser.

Buy blog posts but check the blogs first

We follow a strict set of guidelines while selecting bloggers for our network. We ensure that each of these blogs are self-hosted, are not free communities and have a steady flow of traffic. However, it would be advisable for you to check out blogs on your own before zeroing in on bloggers you want your sponsored reviews from. The content promoted in the brand should be in compliance with the essence of your brand. For instance, if you’re promoting a fragrance, you will definitely want to look out for bloggers who are writing regularly about interesting lifestyle and fashion choices. Plus, you can even secure an idea about their aestheticism. Does it comply with your sense of beauty? You surely wouldn’t want sponsored reviews from bloggers who do not have a well-maintained and visually soothing blog! All those blog parameters can be checked through advertising platform, you just need to register.

You would definitely want to know about the blogger as well

Where is your blogger from? Can be checked through a Location/Time Zone option below each blog. Does he have enough influence on social media? Is it worth getting sponsored reviews or buying blog posts from him? Is your audience out there listening to him? Can he, in a way, influence buyers to at least, be interested in your products? Consider these points closely before getting a blogger on board.


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