Is Guest Blogging More Effective Than Article Marketing?

Article marketing has been a great online marketing tool for more than a decade, but now the digital marketers are looking for more effective solutions to meet their end objectives. While visiting the most eminent of web marketing forums, you’re bound to come across discussions that highlight the utilities of guest blogging as against article marketing.

Benefits of Guest Blogging
Guest blogging helps you in achieving links for those of your blog pages that reflect a strong potential of earning Page Rank in the future. Apart from this, the process is truly effective in pushing traffic to your website. For both these purposes, guest blogging seems to have an edge over article marketing.
1) Guest blog articles exist on the homepage for a longer duration
Your guest blog post is bound to remain on the homepage for a certain period of time if you’re not posting in blogs that publish a number of articles per day. On sites like Mashable, posts are likely to be seen for a couple days. But on sites that publish lesser posts, your post might show up for an entire week. On the other hand, your article has lesser chances of making it to the homepage of a site that doesn’t show the latest articles.
2) Bloggers promote posts naturally
Promotions help in differentiating between articles and blog posts. Driving traffic to target websites by promoting guest posts within the blogger network is among the primary objectives of a blogger. Chances are much higher that the blogger will promote posts within his blogger network and on social media. If the content is of high quality, both the followers of the blog and the blogger will be driven towards such posts.
3) Bloggers have stricter posting guidelines than most of the article directories
In comparison to any article directory, which is spammed with lots of low quality articles, the posting guidelines set by bloggers are worth higher standards. They want their blogs to be enriched by posts that are well-formatted, contain resource links, images, and original content. Content is always under control. The length of articles demanded by article directories is usually worth a shorter length.  A number of article directories allow only text instead of embedded content like links or pictures.

Authority blogs pass huge traffic and link juice if you are having link within post. Content published by such blogs most of all pass value to the readers and can get good number of shares on social media.

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