Major SEO factors to Consider for Link Building

Link building is an important part of SEO activities. You get a website made or build it yourself, that is great! But, when you wonder why it is not being picked by the end consumers, you perhaps have not heard of or tried SEO. The process of SEO involves taking account of search engine algorithms and optimizing the websites or similar web properties according to the recommendations. The search engines have a typical way of determining whether the website is worth promoting or not. The common points considered by the search engines are:

  • Relevance and user-friendliness of content
  • Responsiveness of the website
  • Social media presence
  • Backlinks to the website and so on.

While relevance and user-friendliness are the responsibilities of content team, the back-links are prerogative of the SEO team. The SEO experts are advised to keep in consideration the following points while building links:

  • DA or Domain Authority

This is just like being friends with the powerful and influential people. So, if the SEO experts are able to attract high authority sites and influencers and win their clients a mention in the posts or pages of such highly authentic websites, it will help them boost the search engine rankings.

  • Content Quality and Grammar

The host page from which SEO team intends to get back-links should have high engagement factor. This is possible to achieve with lucid and error-free content. It is easy to find with sites like that of Forbes, etc.

  • Moz Spam Score

This is the warning for not getting associated. If the Moz Spam Score of a website is high, you need to avoid it for link-building purposes. Spammy content is a big trouble caller and can push your web property into the bad books of the search engine.

  • Age of the website

The age of the website is the clear indication of its quality, business acumen and honest intentions. When a website serves what the internet users want and behave exactly the way users expect it to, it is likely to remain in business for long. Thus, old is pure gold when it comes to choosing the host sites for building links.

  • Topical Relevancy

It is quite a technical term and has a lot to do with associating with the websites that belong to your genre. To understand it better, if you are an education website and host site is an entertainment portal, you might get traffic, but it will neither be monumental nor be helpful in conversions. If the user feels having come to wrong place after clicking the link, that means you have chosen a topically alien website for link-building process.

  • Link Placement

And the most important of all is link placement. The link will not create any value for you if it appears at the end of the content or in author bio. The purpose of link is to get clicked and it can be best served when the link is placed at prominent position in the host site.

The very first thing to do is to put your act together before approaching others for the support. So, build the website that is relevant and promising first. Once done, get links to the website keeping the points mentioned above. Keep checking the quality of links, else it can backfire you the notorious way.

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