Update: Save $$ with Our New Pricing Policy

Here at GetReviewed.org we’re constantly looking for new ways to help our advertisers keep their costs low while improving their search engine rankings – and we’re happy to announce that our new pricing policy should help you save a tidy sum on each and every order that you place.

Essentially what we’re doing is completely getting rid of all our network commissions. With this new policy, the next time you place an order you’ll only need to pay the blogger’s price and the PayPal fees – without us charging you any commission whatsoever.

That’s right – we won’t be making a single cent from your order, and you’ll effectively be getting it at ‘cost’.

In place of the commissions, we’re introducing a flat rate monthly subscription of $25 which will mean that you should save quite a bit of money overall. The more reviews you decide to buy, the more you’ll end up saving – so the amount that you save has the potential to scale exponentially.

To put it all into perspective:


  • Old Policy: Review Cost = Blogger’s Price + Network Commission + PayPal Fees
  • New Policy: Review Cost = Blogger’s Price + PayPal Fees


Of course, as part of your subscription you’ll also benefit from our convenient GetReviewed.org platform where you can:

  •  Get a constantly updated monthly list of top blogs that are ready to write reviews about your products or services.
  • Keep track all your orders.
  • Feel secure with a lifetime money-back guarantee.


Be sure to take advantage of these amazing prices and boost the visibility of your products or services on search engines. With each review being so much cheaper now, you should be able to get even more bang for your buck and really get your products or services out there in front of customers.


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