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The Evolution of Influencer Marketing Strategy

Introducing Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a new phenomenon, with its average spend increasing over 3 times backdating from 2017. What is the origin of this? The answer is social media and blogging, which has exponentially grown over the years so that marketers can use online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Personal Blogs to promote brands and reach out to a variety of audiences. Its rise opens up new channels for direct communication between brands and customers (Glucksman, 2017). Influencer marketing also promotes better collaboration with social media platforms through branded content (Freburg, 2010). The objective of influencer marketing strategy is to increase revenue, increase traffic and transform visitors of your website into customers. This marketing tactic is not a new concept but has grown in popularity over the past few years.

Major SEO factors to Consider for Link Building

Link building is an important part of SEO activities. You get a website made or build it yourself, that is great! But, when you wonder why it is not being picked by the end consumers, you perhaps have not heard of or tried SEO. The process of SEO involves taking account of search engine algorithms and optimizing the websites or similar web properties according to the recommendations. The search engines have a typical way of determining whether the website is worth promoting or not. The common points considered by the search engines are: Continue reading Major SEO factors to Consider for Link Building

Here are Some Effective Ways to Promote Your Personal Brand

Life coach, Educationist, Voice-over Expert, Talent Acquisition Specialist, these are some of the terms that define what you do. But, these terms also tell what you have to offer to the world as a Personal Brand. Every one of us is a problem solver in one way or the another. The need is to identify your solution providing capacity and match it with the problem people have. The key to develop a long-lasting business and consumer relationship lies in knowing how to promote your personal brand. Continue reading Here are Some Effective Ways to Promote Your Personal Brand

Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation Management– Know More

The reviews that are published about your business online may often spoil or improve your online reputation and brand over the internet. A business often needs much time to develop its brand name among the masses. Even if you’re a business owner with a strong foresight, you might need to spend dollars worth millions and wait for a few years before you achieve a strong goodwill. In case any popular brand experiences a blogger upset, then it might lose considerable market worth in just a few hours time. Continue reading Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation Management– Know More

Gaining a Mom Blog Sponsored Post or Guest Post

For those of you who have checked out the benefits of gaining a mom blog sponsored post or guest post, it’s truly important to consider the main purpose of creating a business website.  For a vast majority of you, the primary objective of developing a business website is to make it easier for your target audience to identify your business. The process of accomplishing your goals can actually be simplified when your messages get conveyed to all of your target groups more easily. Continue reading Gaining a Mom Blog Sponsored Post or Guest Post

Get Blog Reviews on Products and Bolster Your Brand Exposure

Limited reach of organic Facebook posts, ad blockers and the almost-ineffectual traditional text links – there are too many obstacles that the digital space poses for marketers. The marketing world is not branded as a hyper digitized world without a reason. What worked for you yesterday is not working today. Marketers, in such a scenario, are required to revisit their old marketing techniques and take a hard look at how they are distributing their content. Notably, if blog reviews are not featuring prominently in your holistic marketing strategies, make sure you’re ready to implement changes – but definitely not without knowing why sponsored posts and product reviews are crucial to web growth. Continue reading Get Blog Reviews on Products and Bolster Your Brand Exposure

Influential Bloggers for Brand Marketing

You may be checking different forms of website content every day. It often seems confusing for you to find out who you can trust out of so many bloggers around. If you go by different social media sites, you will easily find out the fact that blogs are among the most shareable and reliable sources of quality information online. Continue reading Influential Bloggers for Brand Marketing